Panel: Building for Tomorrow’s Consumers

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 6pm @ Fictiv

Our good friends over at Fictiv are hosting an evening of networking and discussion around how to leverage emerging technology to create a powerful product experience. We’ve been graciously invited to attend FOR FREE!!!

To get in for the low low price of $0 click this eventbrite link and use the code IDSF in the promo code box to slide in under the normal $5 radar.

Details of the event:


When releasing the iPad 2, Steve Jobs remarked, “Faster. Thinner. Lighter. Those are all good things. But when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful, even magical. That’s when you leap forward.”

To unlock the potential of tomorrow’s technology, we must begin today. But how do we build products that resonate with the mainstream consumer of the future?

Join an expert panel of engineers and designers on July 27th to discuss the future of consumer technology.

Questions we’ll explore include:

  • With the proliferation of wearables, drones, and smart-home devices, how will consumers make room for this expanding roster of devices in their daily lives?
  • How can competing companies work together  to standardize protocols
  • Will the smartphone remain at the center of these devices?
  • How will the ability to merge the digital and physical realities will transform customer experiences?
  • How will technology step out of the way and address the needs of tomorrow’s consumers?
  • Planned obsolescence vs. sustainability

Panelists Include:

Dan Makoski, Chief Design Officer at Garage Partners

Dan Makoski is a Silicon Valley executive who leads innovation by design. As founder and Chief Design Officer at Garage Partners, he works with both the global 500 and select startups – teams that embrace the power of extraordinary openness, and design epic experiences that make a real difference.

He started Project ARA at Google, designed the original Surface at Microsoft, led design research globally at Motorola, and was the first VP of Design at Capital One. Dan began his career at the world’s top design agencies, and is now leading his own.

Mark Woods, Applications Architect / Maker at ARM

Mark Woods joined ARM in 2000 into the consulting team and led multiple SoC and CPU integrations for customers over the next three years.

Three years thereafter as development chip technical lead, developing system solutions around emerging technologies: DVFS, Coresight, AXI and Trustzone. Relocated to the US and spent eight years in applications engineering, enabling ARM in new areas such as FPGA, microcontroller, and server.

Now IoT Segment Marketing team and ARM Maker.

Prior to ARM, ten years developing industrial, communications and consumer products and ASICs.


6:00 – 6.45 pm : Food, drinks, and networking

6.45 – 7.20 pm : Panel Discussion

7.20 – 7.35 pm : Q & A

7.35 – 8.00 pm : Networking and close


WHERE – Fictiv – 1221 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 – View Map

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